Try shooting

Until very recently, I had no idea that I could shoot anywhere without owning any kind of gun license. When I found this out on the Internet, where there had just been an ad for shooting range, I was quite surprised because I had absolutely no idea I could try this on. Try this out for myself, so I can also get that sense of how soldiers and or police men, for example, have it when they`re shooting a gun. Of course I`ve had some minor experiences, but only such that I`ve played airsoft. I really enjoyed that one a lot. I`ve been playing Airsoft since I was 16, and now I`ve wanted them for almost 30 years, so I`ve had some experience with guns.

Long weapon.

Not with the sharp ones, of course. I`ve always been afraid of that. But I figured if I could shoot and airsoft guns, maybe some real sharp weapon wouldn`t make all that much difference. That`s why, when I got through to this company where the shooting range is in Prague, I was very pleasantly surprised to be welcomed there by a very nice lady at the reception who explained everything. When I came into the building afterwards, I was also surprised at the fact that they had a really great set-up. Everything was honest and there were all the professionals who took me in right away and told me everything and showed me.

This is dangerous.

I was nervous at first, of course, because the first time I actually was somewhere with sharp and powerful weapons. It was also nice to be shown holding a gun properly and I was quite pleased that the gun was so heavy, even though the gun appears in the hand and small. And then I also found out that actually these weapons have to be heavy to be of good quality and stuff like that. I`m also pleased that there`s shots being fired at dummies or targets. I really don`t like being shot at, like, live animals just for fun and for fun. If you are interested in shooting, the shooting range is ideal for you.